Books written by Gerd Faltings.

In 1986 Faltings was awarded the Fields Medal for proving the Tate conjecture for abelian varieties over number fields, the Shafarevich conjecture for abelian varieties over number fields and the Mordell conjecture, which states that any non-singular projective curve of genus g > 1 defined over a number field K contains only finitely many K-rational points.


Lectures on the Arithmetic Riemann-Roch Theorem

The arithmetic Riemann-Roch Theorem has been shown recently by Bismut-Gillet-Soul. The proof mixes algebra, arithmetic, and analysis. The purpose of this book is to give a concise introduction to the necessary techniques, and to present a simplified and extended version of the proof. It should enable mathematicians with a background in arithmetic algebraic geometry to understand some basic techniques in the rapidly evolving field of Arakelov-theory.


Degeneration of Abelian Varieties

A new and complete treatment of semi-abelian degenerations of abelian varieties, and their application to the construction of arithmetic compactifications of Siegel moduli space, with most of the results being published for the first time. Highlights of the book include a classification of semi-abelian schemes, construction of the toroidal and the minimal compactification over the integers, heights for abelian varieties over number fields, and Eichler integrals in several variables, together with a new approach to Siegel modular forms.


Rational Points

This book consists of the notes from the seminar Bonn/ Wuppertal 1983/ 84 on Arithmetic Geometry. It contains a proof for the Mordell conjecture and may be useful as an introduction to Arakelov's point of view in diophantine geometry. The third edition includes an appendix in which a detailed survey on the spectacular recent developments in arithmetic algebraic geometry is given.


Arithmetic and Geometry

The 'Arithmetic and Geometry' trimester, held at the Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics in Bonn, focussed on recent work on Serre's conjecture and on rational points on algebraic varieties. The resulting proceedings volume provides a modern overview of the subject for graduate students in arithmetic geometry and Diophantine geometry.