Books written by Marvin Minsky.

Marvin Minsky won the Turing award in 1969 for his central role in creating, shaping, promoting, and advancing the field of artificial intelligence.


The Society of Mind

An authority on artificial intelligence introduces a theory that explores the workings of the human mind and the mysteries of thought.


The Emotion Machine

In this mind-expanding book, scientific pioneer Marvin Minsky continues his groundbreaking research, offering a fascinating new model for how our minds work. He argues persuasively that emotions, intuitions, and feelings are not distinct things, but different ways of thinking.


Perceptrons: An Introduction to Computational Geometry

Perceptrons has remained a classical work on threshold automata networks for nearly two decades. It marked a historical turn in artificial intelligence, and it is required reading for anyone who wants to understand the connectionist counterrevolution that is going on today.


Computation: Finite and Infinite Machines

The abstract theory - as described in this book - tells us in no uncertain terms that the machines' potential range is enormous, and that its theoretical limitations are of the subtlest and most elusive sort. There is no reason to suppose machines have any limitations not shared by man.


Semantic Information Processing

A group of experiments directed toward creating intelligent machines are collected in this book. Each of the programs described here demonstrates some aspects of behavior that anyone except a professional skeptic would agree require some intelligence.


Robotics: The First Authoritative Report

Looks at the prospects for robots used in heavy industry, as house servants and aids for the handicapped, and speculates on what life with androids will be like.


The Turing Option

A young genius is hunted by killers. His sole hope for survival lies in the brain power of the intelligent being he has created. The Earth's first machine intelligence becomes the key to a harrowing battle.